National Coalition for the International Criminal Court (NCICC) is a loose network formed in November 2001 as an outcome of a two-day national consultation programme on ICC in Nepal. The network comprises human rights NGOs, media, lawyers, academicians and individuals. The coalition has been coordinated by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC).

The purpose of the formation of the coalition is to act on different platforms:

  • To campaign in support of ICC
  • To advocate /lobby in favor of the court in Nepal
  • To sensitize and aware the concerned authorities of Nepal to accede the Rome Statute of the ICC
  • To bring the attention of the members of the society on the need of the court
  • To bring NGOs, academicians, lawyers, Bar Association and other individuals in the coalition network.

The NCICC, since its establishment in 2001, has initiated campaign to make the government ratify the Statute. It has been organizing different interactions, discussions and pressure programmes in the course of conducting the campaign.


Ratification Status

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